Volunteer of the Winter Quarter

Annette Willems-Steen has been chosen as Volunteer of the Quarter because of her undying dedication to the USO. As a German citizen, she works proudly on behalf of the American citizens living here and has such love for what she does to show them her appreciation for their service. She has been a veteran volunteer for USO Wiesbaden for over 5 years and in her words “bleeds USO blood.” Her attention to detail to each program, her service to our community, and the happiness it brings to her, continues to grow each year she serves. Annette’s impact on this community is hard to put into words. She lives outside Wiesbaden and drives over an hour each way to get to all of our events. Annette never hesitates to ask if help is needed when she notices we may be short-handed for an upcoming program. We are so fortunate to have a person as motivated in our continued success as Annette Willems-Steen. She has a great admiration for what our service members do for the United States and the sacrifices their families make as well. She always finds ways to help them learn more about her home country of Germany by sharing cultural traditions with newcomers and welcoming them with open arms. Vielen Dank and Congratulations to you Annette!

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