November Volunteer Of The Month

Courtney came to USO Wiesbaden from Bavaria earlier this year. She was a volunteer for the USO there and has hit the ground running here as well! Courtney first realized she wanted to volunteer for the USO when she noticed the airport centers and how they shuttled soldiers to and from Ft Huachuca to Tucson for their holiday block leave time. Courtney feels amazed at the good work the USO does and the positive culture within our organization. She says she feels so happy and content when walking into a USO center – “It feels like I’m with friends.” Courtney is dedicated to our mission and has really made an impact for us here in Wiesbaden by taking a vital role as the Volunteer Recognition Program manager. She has been revamping this important program for the last few months, and though, behind the scenes, she has made huge improvements in our continuity in helping us recognizing all volunteers for their service. Courtney’s organizational skills, positive attitude, and friendliness make her an important part of our USO Wiesbaden team. Thanks for all you do, Courtney!

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