Summer 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter

Congratulations to Bethany Chavit for earning Volunteer of the Quarter Summer 2020!

Bethany has done some wonderful work this quarter, with the planning and execution of virtual and community support programs. Bethany is a team player and a leader amongst our USO Volunteers. She meets with us regularly in our volunteer meetings sharing ideas and helping during the planning stages. Bethany comes in and volunteers in house with us prepping programs and doing a lot of background support as well. She also is there on the program day, as needed, executing the programs in person. Notably, Bethany is responsible for our volunteer led Photo Walk Program that has been successful now for both Spring and Summer photo walks!

We are so grateful here at USO Wiesbaden to have her on our team. Join us in thanking Bethany for all her hard work. You community appreciates you!


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