March 2020 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Celina Woodbury! She’s our Volunteer of the Month for March of 2020!

Even in these unchartered waters of distance between us, our volunteers still shine and Celina is one of those people!

Since joining our USO Wiesbaden team, Celina has spent countless hours helping wherever she is needed. A Chef by trade, she has charged ahead in our Baking Brigade, provided support at various programs around the garrison and community, and in our local centers as well! It’s been said she caused some trouble in a Thing 2 costume at a local school library during Dr. Seuss’ celebration week! Celina has even embraced the virtual world on our behalf, hosting a cooking class online! We are so fortunate to have our volunteers!

Please join us in celebrating and congratulating Celina Woodbury as our Volunteer of the Month! Thank you for being a force behind the forces!


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