March Volunteer Of The Month

Georgiaetta “Georgie” Wright joined us as a volunteer in October of 2018 as a newcomer to the Wiesbaden community. She, her husband, and daughter arrived not long before. Georgie has always been very caring and motivated to serve the community. She started off helping in the centers, then moved into volunteering at programs such as Fall Fest, Cocoa & Cookies with Santa, and Hump Day Hot Dogs. What also makes Georgie shine is her “behind the scenes” service. She is always willing to come in to put goodie bags together, fill in at the Exchange Center to give a staff member a break, or when we need coverage. Last month she assisted in producing 165 goodie bags for a wonderful program and was a major contributor to supporting the WMS Black History Month program that serviced 500 students. She is always “giving”, whether it be with coupons so that we cut down on costs of center supplies, baking cookies for events, or just letting us know she is always here if we need her. We are so fortunate to have you Georgiaetta and thank you for your contribution to the USO Wiesbaden. Congratulations!

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